When a hurricane turns your life upside down,
we turn it around.

Before, during or after a storm we’re always here for you. Because we live here too. So, the faster we turn your claims around the sooner we all get our lives back on track.

Our Storm Coverage

Custom Coverage
We offer coverage to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

  • Alternative accommodation coverage for those displaced by the storm
  • Coverage for debris removal
  • Professional fees to pay for the cost of architects, surveyors, lawyers, etc.

Quick Claims
We have a dedicated crisis management team in place ready to assist you and turn around your claims as quickly as possible.

60 Years of Expertise
We have a strong track record of storm coverage that we’ve been building for over 60 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wind Damage: Your policy covers damage to your home from windstorms, such as hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes. The coverage also provides protection for garages, patios, blinds and awnings.

Flood Losses: The standard Home Options Policy will cover damage to your Home and your Contents as a result of a flood or storm surge.

Food Damage: Your Home Options policy provides coverage for Damage to food following loss of power during a windstorm.

Personal belongings: Your Home Options policy covers household goods, furniture, clothing and personal effects that suffer damage as a result of a storm. If you live in an apartment, damage unrelated to your personal belongings, such as part of the apartment’s structure (i.e., walls and floor) would be covered under your landlord’s policy.

Temporary storage: Your Home Options policy will help with the cost of temporary storage for your contents.

Loss of Rent: Your Home Options policy provides coverage for loss of rent.

Alternative Accommodations: If the damage caused by a hurricane leaves your home uninhabitable, your policy pays for you and your family to live in a similar accommodation.

Building codes: Your Home Options policy provides an allowance for statutory costs for you to reinstate in line with local building codes.

Comprehensive cover provides protection in the event of flooding or storm surge during a storm. Make sure you are aware of the level of cover your vehicle carries. Is it Comprehensive cover or Third Party Only?

Your policy only has a deductible in the event of catastrophe related losses. That means that in the event of a hurricane, there would be a deductible. If there is damage caused by a fire, a burst pipe or theft, there is no deductible. If the cost of the damage to your home exceeds the deductible listed on your policy schedule, we will issue a payment for the cost of the damage, less the deductible.

This information is listed on your Home Options policy schedule. You can get a copy of your schedule from our portal at hellocgi.com or reach out to one of our team members.

Yes. Do not wait to make temporary repairs that will prevent further damage. Be sure to take pictures of the damage as soon as possible, take photos of any temporary repairs you make and save your receipts if you spent money on the repairs.

No, your Home Options policy would only cover the cost of the damage in the event that you were legally liable. Normally that requires negligence on the homeowner’s part.

Your landlord would only be responsible for damage to your possessions if the cause of  the damage is due to the landlord’s negligence. If not, your landlord is only responsible for the damage done to the structure of the building. Damage for your personal possessions are covered  under your own policy.